María Roldán Pazos

For more than 25 years I have been working with images and, although I do not always carry the camera, my eyes are almost inevitably attracted by certain lights, shadows, textures or colors.

I still enjoy the amazement of intermingling ideas, points of view, framing or compositions — trying for example to capture an interesting expression or to freeze a movement.

I enjoy being off-road, I'm attracted to photographing different subjects. It refreshes me and I oxygenate; I think working with something new is a motivating challenge. I have photographed with the same care hundreds of babies or elderly people, homes, factories, museums, nature or food.

Now with this baggage, and in our already overloaded world of images, I think it is essential to sift through the tons of photos that are inevitably shot.

I have spent many years working in image agencies editing through important files that included pictures by Salgado, Doisneau, García Rodero, Cartier-Bresson, Leibovitz, Mc Curry and Meisel among other thousands photographers.

Finding the best photo for every occasion, among thousands, is also a rich learning experience. And so I continue, forming a little more with each new capture. So, with almost 30 years dedicated to photography, I still apply myself to try to get more and more appetizing and memorable images.


María Roldán Pazos, professional photographer.